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Our Specialty: Signed guitars, albums, drum heads, movie soundtracks, posters, pick guards, and more...Music is the art of sound and silence. Melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, and structure combine to form masterpieces whose magic alludes most, and renders the creators not simply musicians, but magicians in their chosen art form.

Signed albums and memorabilia from these musicians are worth more than gold, and Autographs brings them to you with minimal trouble.

First and foremost, Autographs's rare autograph collection is completely authentic. Each signing is verified by autograph authentication professionals, and a certificate is provided at no additional cost. Second, Autographs works for the customer to keep the prices of signed guitars, drumheads, etc., as low as possible.

Browse Autographs to easily locate the autograph you want.  Whether you're looking for signed Pink Floyd Albums, an autographed copy of The Godfather, a Janis Joplin with Big Brother and the Holding Company drumhead, or any variety of Lynyrd Skynyrd merchandise, Autographs has it. 

The website allows visitors to browse by category or search specifically for a U2 signed guitar, drumhead, or whatever may be missing from your collection. 
Purchase blues, pop, and rock music memorabilia as authentic as the artists you enjoy at Autographs We've got the autograph you want!

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